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“Masttro strives to deliver unprecedented value to its clients around the world, with an unwavering commitment to innovation, thereby elevating wealth industry standards along the way.”

Over the last decade, Masttro has worked with many industry players and found that the lack of integrated solutions in the wealth management industry leaves many organizations frustrated. With little choice but to employ disparate technologies, business and family stakeholders often face a winding path of never-ending complexities that requires significant time and resources. The array of available systems for data aggregation, consolidated reporting, custody, trading, portfolio management, accounting, CRM, compliance, risk management, etc. can be daunting to the operation of any size. To add to these challenges, technology solutions are often designed for a specific business function; their architectural rigidity and technology limitations lead firms to assemble partial solutions around them in their quest for a cohesive platform.

From the start, Masttro has sought to create the most comprehensive technology solution for the wealth management industry, with an open infrastructure platform that adapts to the client’s current and future needs. Masttro’s technology was conceived as an integrated wealth management solution that offers an institutionalized database for wealth knowledge. Masttro was established with the goal of providing the most complete view of net worth, with on-demand and secure access to critical wealth information, including all documents, contacts, succession plans, insurance policies and more. Over time, Masttro has expanded its product line to serve other areas of the wealth management industry, capitalizing on the firm’s scalable proprietary core technology. Today, Masttro’s holistic platform not only serves single and multi-family offices but is a next-generation platform for independent investment advisors, trust companies, broker-dealers and other institutional clients worldwide.

Transparency is a pillar of Masttro technology. Financial data is received, with no intermediaries involved, through established direct connections from banks/ custodians on a daily basis and is processed, integrated and reconciled automatically to provide clients with the highest level of data integrity and accuracy. Alternative assets, real estate and non-financial assets are fully integrated into the platform, enabling clients to see the most detailed and complete picture of total net worth. Masttro offers an industry-first proprietary interactive map of a client’s consolidated wealth, that provides both an instant and clear picture of total net worth, as well as the ability to effortlessly drill into the details of every entity, asset and/ or liability in an estate.

Masttro’s proprietary automated reconciliation system (ARS) uses machine learning and artificial intelligence-driven technology to intelligently process and standardize data from any source, regardless of layout, language, currency, type of transaction, or asset type. The company has incorporated a security infrastructure based on ISO-27001, using the highest encryption standards (AES 256) and infrastructure (FIPS 140-2 Level 2 compliance) and stores data in a certified Tier 4 data center in Switzerland.

Masttro offers a highly intuitive and dynamic user experience to ensure successful implementation. As an example, a US-based client with global broker-dealer and RIA operations was referred to Masttro by a mutual single-family office client. The goal was to implement a unique, cohesive technology platform across five global regions to consolidate reporting, standardize communication within the firm and ensure data integrity through automation. With the guidance of a Masttro relationship manager and the support of the Masttro specialist onboarding and implementation team, the new client successfully onboarded just under 1,000 accounts from 12 custodians across their various jurisdictions within a two-week period, far exceeding expectations. The client is now able to offer a true consolidated service to its clients, with a 360-degree view of wealth never thought possible.

In the near future, Masttro plans to open more offices in highly select locations around the world where client business is concentrated and to complement its global presence today, continuing the firm’s commitment to differentiate with a high-touch local client service model. On the technology front, Masttro will continue to offer unprecedented value to its clients and help advance the industry with new capabilities that offer greater automation and efficiency, driven by advancements in artificial intelligence.