Purpose-built Asset Management Software

Charles Phillips
Charles Phillips, Chairman



“Our vision is to build on Infor’s impressive trajectory, continually evolve our range of SaaS products that allow for quick and material ROI.”

Over the last decade, end-user businesses across the globe, especially those of an asset-intensive nature, have been attempting to reduce their dependency on conventional asset management solutions for their decision-making methods. Regular equipment failure owing to limited visibility into asset states, underutilization of resources and equipment, and ineffective management of inventories and budgets have contributed in the production of downtime, thereby growing operational expenditure (OPEX).

Today, the digital conversion that is revolutionizing how the world functions are characterized by the rise of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), a wonder that is unlocking advanced abilities geared toward enterprise asset management (EAM) software and offers a significant step-change in business operations. For example, the financial and logistical difficulties associated with deployment and scalability beyond many enterprises can be removed by reliance on cloud-based support. Unlike traditional EAM software that demands vital time and cost to execute, the addition of new assets, factories, and modules can be conducted at the comfort and in a cost-effective way via a cloud-based system.

Combining an analytics platform, a foundation for producing prognostic analysis by employing machine learning algorithms will support in revealing in-depth, actionable shrewdness on assets and business methods for decision-makers at any furnished time. Furthermore, with constant asset monitoring and real-time alerts dispensed through mobile applications, the occurrence of massive costs stemming from unanticipated differences in production movements concerning planning, scheduling, consent of orders, replenishment of significant inventories, and passage to senior personnel as well as preservation, repair, and overhaul (MRO) is virtually eradicated.

Kevin Samuelson is the CEO of Infor, and has previously served as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Infor and has been taking the company to new heights by implementing 20 years of experience in technology, finance, operations and M&A. “I feel very fortunate to work with such a great team at Infor,” says Samuelson. “Charles’s guidance and leadership helped shape this company into a market-leading provider of multitenant, cloud-based ERP applications. Our vision is to build on Infor’s impressive trajectory, continually evolve our range of SaaS products that allow for quick and material ROI and value add for our customers and provide first-class service at every step of the journey.”

EAM Specialist

Infor creates cutting-edge EAM software solutions for different, end-user businesses such as utilities, oil and gas, transportation, chemicals, food and beverage, healthcare, industrial manufacturing, and process manufacturing. With a ubiquity in more than 170 countries, the company has powerfully deployed its solutions for more than 90,000 consumers across the globe. Infor is a global enterprise corporation that provides software products for every phase of a business. Infor builds comprehensive industry suites in the cloud and efficiently disposes of technology that puts the user background first, leverages data science, and blends easily into existing systems. Over 68,000 businesses worldwide depend on Infor to help overcome market disturbances and achieve business-wide digital transformation.

The principal benefit enjoyed by Infor’s consumers is that its comprehensive product suite facilitates efficient planning and administration of assets, materials, acquisition, inventories, maintenance, supplies, and finances. Unlike traditional EAM software that is patterned and developed for specific industries, Infor’s EAM modules are custom-made for each end-user depending upon industry best methods. This unusual feature enables customers to obtain accurate visibility and admittance to reliable insights into their asset offering and business processes. Furthermore, in the present context where companies are striving to control their OPEX and maximize production capability, there is pressing the requirement for software solutions that are in-built with analytical skills to support data compression, interpretation, and visualization.

Recognizing this critical customer demand, Infor introduced EAM Advanced Reporting, a user-friendly, excellent analytical platform backed by IBM Cognos ReportNet into its EAM software to produce a defined set of responsibilities and create multiple dashboards based on traditional and real-time data. Its seamless assimilation into existing ERP systems and simplification of great volumes of data sets into graphical models with the opportunity of customization are two distinctive product characteristics. These purposes promote efficient access to the right data and draw deep insights that support to track, analyze, and assess key performance indicators (KPIs) of individual processes as well as take proactive steps to prevent additional production setbacks and lengthy asset downtime.

Infor’s EAM Advanced Reporting solution caters as a crucial tool for plant engineers, management boards, and maintenance managers in their strategic decision-making methods. Another essential solution suite feature is Infor EAM Mobile, a complete platform that facilitates customers to produce an extensive array of work activities on-the-go, such as asset tracking, work order management, plant inspection, and even accomplishment of regulatory compliance. For example, customers can record their work actions while on the job as well as quickly obtain work orders, asset history, and all appropriate documents needed to authenticate, authorize, and eVerify data, all completed remotely at any time from any place employing any mobile device.

CERN has been an Infor client since 1989, and Infor EAM has traced the design and maintenance of important pieces of equipment in the accelerator system since they were produced on the shop floor. At the CERN Control Center, which guarantees the accelerators are operating as they should, EAM presents a clear view of the preservation history to control room operators. Operators utilize that information to diagnose a breakdown and ensure that corrective preservation occurs as quickly as feasible. That corresponding level of visibility into resources history helps the Cryogenics group optimize if and how much preventative maintenance should be implemented concerning corrective maintenance; this, in connection with the replacement components that are chosen, can help CERN accomplish the same level of performance from the equipment at a lower price. The purpose of CERN is to advance science.

The organization has been remarkably successful at doing this, as evidenced by the various Nobel laureates who have carried their research in collaboration with CERN. Much of that has to do with the brilliance of the people CERN attracts; however, these individuals must acquire a large amount of experimental data before they can validate their theories. By maximizing the uptime of the machine and the encompassing infrastructure, the operational support groups help maximize the organization’s purposes. Infor EAM is employed at CERN to organize and carry out remedial maintenance on pieces of equipment that break down, improve the efficiency and speed of programmed maintenance, and improve safety throughout the organization.

Going forward, CERN expects to expand its strategy to use homogenous and streamlined maintenance processes throughout the organization for both maintenance management and asset management. There are currently 2 million physical assets managed by Infor EAM; the goal is to extend the usage to include the whole accelerator complex and a larger portion of CERN’s infrastructure, which could mean doubling both the current amount of users and managed assets during the coming 3-5 years. This is an ambitious yet realistic goal: 200,000 new pieces of equipment were registered in EAM within the last 18 months.

Revolutionizing Facilities Management

Maintaining your organization’s skills today and into the future is a prominent job. Not only must organizations efficiently manage the health and preservation of the facilities, grounds, and assets, but one also must address the frequently important role that energy demand management, sustainability, LEED Certification, and environmental stewardship play in an organization’s success. Factor in the particular specifications of facility administrators, service providers, building landlords, and building tenants—and one has a set of complex business conditions that cry out for a technology solution to assist the firms in managing them all.

Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management is a ready-to-run solution exclusively built for buildings of all types, from public or commercial and industrial locations to offices and multi-unit residential houses. This solution presents deep, proven abilities in critical areas such as revenue optimization, property supervision, asset management and supportable, building information modeling (BIM), space optimization, business intelligence, social business collaboration, and mobility—all offered within an interspersed framework. Even great, the solution is presented in the cloud, which assists ensure efficiency, cost conservations, and built-in support for global transactions, as well as security that conforms industry-leading best practice obligations.

Complete Customer Value

Infor, which creates business software for specific industries in the cloud, has been victorious in developing a strong and holistic EAM suite for customers across different industries. Its important success factor is offering an open EAM platform that seamlessly combines with present automation and IT architecture alongside any third-party explication.

This versatility enables customers can reduce the hassle and high cost of deploying and configuring EAM software. Another prominent feature of Infor’s EAM suite is its analytics and mobile platform, which have been well supported by various end-users for gaining real-time, on-the-fly decision-making capacity. Through IIoT functions, Infor is helping companies in overcoming their optimizing resource utilization, maintenance costs, maximizing asset life, and accomplishing energy savings.

End-users have encountered these increases from various industries including oil and gas, utilities, transit, public sector, industrial manufacturing, healthcare, process manufacturing, retail, construction, and hospitality. Infor is one of the rare EAM vendors whose solution advantages extend beyond process enterprises, which has always been the central area of concentration for competitors. As we progress towards the new age of Smart Manufacturing, the Infor EAM suite is exemplary for creating highly automated, paperless facilities and predictive based maintenance projects that scale at ease. All in all, these essential solution attributes present a competitive edge for Infor over its industry rivals. For its powerful overall performance and commitment to helping customers transform their organizations via its next-generation EAM software suite, Infor has been merited with the Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 Customer Value Leadership Award.