Interconnected BluePrint Operations System

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“FacilityONE works closely with its client partners to ensure successful implementation, adoption, and use of their comprehensive services.”

Fueled by interactive blueprint technology software, FacilityONE can help transform the facility’s fragmented data into one organized, easily accessible solution for intelligent management. FacilityONE provides CMMS, CAFM, and EAM solutions for small to medium-sized industries up to extensive healthcare and commercial real estate properties. The company is an Enterprise Operations Platform which uses interconnected blueprint technology to enhance communication and boosts maintenance efficiency. Their CMMS system offers a flexible preventive and corrective maintenance solution that easily integrates into organizational processes.

Based in Louisville, Ky., FacilityONE Technologies is the unique interconnected, interactive blueprint intensified CMMS, with custom data analytics as a service (AaaS) in the world. FacilityONE gives a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) and asset management solution. The system is magnified by its proprietary SMARTPRINT technology to bolster data aggregation, docility, and risk mitigation. Founded in 1999 by an accumulation of engineers and facility managers, FacilityONE has created a legacy in the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) marketplace, by giving an operations solution that can readily integrate into the client’s subsisting processes. FacilityONE is presently being utilized to build and transform facility management, in millions of square feet throughout North America, by 100,000+ consumers with a 99 percent retention rate.

The FacilityONE solution involves their layered SMARTPRINT, interactive blueprint technology, complemented with their simple to use, SMARTPRINT Alpha visual analytics tool, and Work Order Management System permitting users to identify risk, design KPI’s and visualize all of their facilities data. Interconnected blueprint-technology provides you immediate emergency data to execute a plan of action as well as mobile passage to critical information about every physical asset, zone, and mechanical and fire system in your facility. FacilityONE SMARTPRINT technology enables users to locate important information for emergency response in seconds and remotely; find shut-offs, electrical connectivity, and safety systems in seconds and remotely; interpret and display floor plans. With FacilityONE’s web-based system, customer’s team will view a database of facilities, users, and assets as well as all vital associated physical asset knowledge– accessible through their strong SMARTPRINT technology.

SMARTPRINT Alpha is another critical fully-managed Analytics as a Service (AaaS) from FacilityONE. The modern analytics platform takes away the anarchy and creates true Business Intelligence (BI) for the facility. Charting tailored to client’s unique needs it offers customized views, transform raw data into compelling statistics; tables designed to take benefit of the way the human eye methods visual data; easily spot guides, trends, and anomalies that get lost; and email automation of weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports.

FacilityONE knows that inventory parts management is a complicated responsibility that can cause even the most seasoned administrators a great deal of anxiety. Too many parts and firms could very well be overspending, overstocking, and outliving your inventory’s shelf life. Not enough parts on hand and firms may not be able to answer quickly to restore and replacement situations that come up around the grounds, schools, and facilities. FacilityONE resolves the problem with a built-in and easy to use inventory parts management system; it analyzes the parts management with greater accuracy, better record keeping, and automated reporting. With a simple to use Inventory Parts Management capability from FacilityONE Technologies, organizations have an effective foundation in place to streamline their parts management process, issue and track quintessential supplies and equipment. Ensuring customers have the parts they need when they need them. FacilityONE has addressed the concerns of a crumbling facility workforce and turnover. Full Turn-Key Implementation and comprehensive training are provided. FacilityONE works jointly with its client partners to ensure successful implementation, selection, and use of their comprehensive services.